The Builders

When you choose a CountryWide Home, you're making a statement about the things that matter to you and your family.

You're moving into a community with distinctive streetscapes and architectural designs that distinguish your home from others and create a true neighbourhood feel. And you're surrounding yourself with exceptional interior finishes and craftsmanship that prove to the eye that CountryWide Homes' commitment to quality and excellence is second to none.

That's because CountryWide Homes builds to a higher standard. We value craftsmanship. We believe in excellence, and we deliver it with exceptional service and caring that have made CountryWide Homes the builder of choice for thousands of delighted homeowners across the GTA.

You've found the right place and the right builder to trust with your family's dreams. CountryWide Homes.

Our Mission

At the heart of Aspen Ridge Homes is customer satisfaction. Every day, Aspen Ridge Homes strives to exceed customers' expectations with an unwavering commitment to the design, construction and value of the homes they build through technological innovation and traditional customer service. Time and again, Aspen Ridge Homes builds communities of dreams that last a lifetime.

Our Home

A place to come home to. A reflection of you. A proud builder of a generation of homes that house a lifetime of memories. Aspen Ridge Homes knows that your home is not simply a house, it's where you live. At Aspen Ridge Homes, we know that you expect nothing less than perfection. So let Aspen Ridge Homes help you build a lifetime of memories.